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Household Items

Here you will find Crochet items for the house;

Doilys, Coasters, Runners, sculptural things, and sundry decorative or functional items like

Medallions, that you can make tablecloths or bedspreads from.

Image Description Price
Goanna Runner Goanna Runner
A beauttful runner which has many uses.  Worked in No. 20 cotton,   it comes out at about 40" long  In this design dipicting a Lace monitor. AKA water monitor. the lacets resemble water. The common name for all monitors in Australia is Goanna. Goannas are opportunists and can readily adapt to harsh conditions It's a table runner, a piano keyboard cover. On a grand scale it's also a wall hanging, which is worked in wool and…

Marie of Prague Little dioly & Medallion Marie of Prague Little dioly & Medallion
A crochet enthusiast, also journalist, commented to me during a crochet discussion, after seeing this little doily in my home: "This little cutie is a Triumph, as most medallions can't stand alone as doilies in their own right. This one not only does, but it can also make a larger Teatime doily or anything else for that matter. It's nothing short of brilliant sweetie." "Well thankyou darling; and of course, as usual,…

Star lily & Pineapple flower Centrepiece Star lily & Pineapple flower Centrepiece
This was designed for my friend Kate as a Christmas gift and rests on her dressing table. She said it reminds her of flowering reeds on the banks of the Nile. A simple but elegant piece, the centre of which can be worked as coasters. …

Theodora Centrepiece Theodora Centrepiece
This Doily was inspired by the mosaic depicting Justinian and Theodora. It is Theodora's crown, that is reflected in the boarder of the piece. Of the pinapples in the centre, the first row jogs to the Right the second to the Left.…

Coasters & Beer Mats Coasters & Beer Mats

Blue Silk Oval Doily Blue Silk Oval Doily
This Divine little doily measures 11 x 5 inches. Absolutely everyone who sees it, falls in love with it. Scale it up with dk cotton and a 5mm kook to use it as a table runner !  …

Frilled Orchid Frilled Orchid

Beaded Dilly Bag Beaded Dilly Bag
This Fabby Dilly Bag is for both the Beach and Market.…

Kitchen Sunflower Magic. Potholders Kitchen Sunflower Magic. Potholders
Kitchen Sunflower Magic Potholders. Sunflowers have such big happy faces, they remind us of warm Summers. That's why people love them. They are great in the kitchen, so are yellows and golden browns, the color of baked yummies. …

Easter party favors; Birds nest Easter party favors; Birds nest
When the chocolates are gone and that doesn't take long, this cute little bird nest bowl, is for holding small things on the duchess dresser or bedside table.  Perfect for trinkets, lipstick, geegaws and such.…

Tailored Tissue Sachet Tailored Tissue Sachet
So neat !  Such clean modern lines ! Fillet tissue Sachets that don't look like they came home from Summer Camp Craft School. You may make these for Charity Sales, Ray does and as you can see, he offers them in a range of colors.…