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Hats 'n Gloves

Here are Crochet Patterns for Hats and Gloves.

There's something for everyone !

Image Description Price
Artie's Crown Artie's Crown
Crochet pattern.…

Beaded Beret Beaded Beret
Part of the Beaded Net Collection.  You can have the collection in a single download.  Make it in any metallic color you like. (I used Gold and ecru sewing thread) There is a fabulous range of colored metallic threads on the market just waiting for you to try. This project is not for the faint hearted, but is worth the effort. As not only does it function as a hat, but also as a piece of jewellery !   …

Beaded Overnet Beaded Overnet
Part of the Beaded Net Collection. You can have the collection in a single download. The beaded Overnet is an elegant hat that can be thrown into your onboard luggage and you can come up looking good upon arrival. A very impressive little number !…

The Beaded Net Collection The Beaded Net Collection
The Beaded Net Collection: Get all three cheaper. Beaded Overnet, Beaded Beret & Swaged Fezzie.  …

The Commoner's Crown The Commoner's Crown
Crochet pattern: Part of the Cloven Collection. You can have the collection in a single download. This is Ray's very own winter hat, which proudly sports a Sterling Silver Thistle Brooch.…

The Piadora The Piadora
Crochet pattern: The Piadora Part of the Cloven Collection. You can have the collection in a single download.…

The Little Black Bateau cap The Little Black Bateau cap
Crochet pattern: The Little Black Bateau Cap Part of the Cloven Collection. You can have the collection in a single download.…

The Cloven Collection The Cloven Collection
The Cloven Collection Consists of: The Commoner's Crown, The Big Blue Bateau, The Little Black Bateau, and The Piadora.  …

Bikers Beanie Bikers Beanie
AKA: Bikers Brain Bucket Buffer (I just love this expression, coz it fills the gap in a helmet that is too big and provides more skock absorbing protection.)  AKA: Bikers Beret; (but but but; strictly speaking, it's a beanie !)…

Boy's Watch cap Boy's Watch cap
This cap is for a young boys, from about 5 - 13yo  …

Elegant Summer Breezer Elegant Summer Breezer
This femminine summer hat is designed to breath and provide an elegant, self assured look. Perfect for the garden party or afternoon tea, on the terrace.…

Girls Cloche Girls Cloche
This cloche will be an easy project for it's young wearer. Suitable for girls about 5 - 13yo…

London Mod cap London Mod cap
This crochet project is ideally suited for those with dressmaking skills. Complete instructions and graphs are included.…

The MegaGoth beret The MegaGoth beret
MegaGoth has a most realistic spider web on top and is jet black with charcoal grey accent in super luxurious velvet chenille.  …

Textured Messenger's cap Textured Messenger's cap
AKA: Newsboy's cap; Child coal miners cap The cap is covered in modified bobbles, smaller than normal bobbles that provide a pleasing texture.…

The Amazing Morphing Hat The Amazing Morphing Hat
Imagine Five hats in one. That's what this is. Play with it in the mirror and find a new way to wear it. Suitable for both Men and Women. Just work it in another colour and use a different trimming device. This is a Cro-Knit project and uses a Knitting loom. available from your yarn & craft store.…

Russian Crown with Anemone Russian Crown with Anemone
This hat is inspired by the head gear of the Ortodox Priests. Made fron luxurious velvet and topped with anemone. All of My Ladies wear this one. Some of them have my Frilled Orchid on their hats (when they are of a neutral colour). (The Frilled Orchid is available for FREE to put on your hat should you require it. Simply type Frilled Orchid into the Search Field on the left and add it to your basket along with your hat pattern)…

Wild Tam O'Shanter Wild Tam O'Shanter
Luxurios velvet, wild colour scheme. Pull it right down over your ears and stay warm as toast.…

SteamPunk Neo Victorian Travelling Hat SteamPunk Neo Victorian Travelling Hat
Crochet Pattern: The SteamPunk Neo Victorian Travelling Hat…

Frilled Orchid Frilled Orchid

Kings cap Kings cap
It's a one ball wonder; only takes a 50gram ball, and a bit of scrap yarn in a contrast colour. This cute little number is so popular that all my friends are wearing them.…