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Here are Sterling Silver pieces suited to the Steampunk Category.

There is more jewelery of the genre in an 'Other Jewelery' category, that are of mixed media.

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Image Description Price
Dawns Discovery Dawns Discovery
Silver and 18ct Gold with Burmese garnet. This brooch, is a layered and sculpted, comic tragedy. …

Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support
Beads are carved Quartz and deepest red Burmese Garnets. This beast is Plugged, Plumbed and on Dialysis. In the spirit of caring for the environment, and of course, those who share it with us. Comes an expressive piece to state Ray's position on these Myriad issues.  Into the field of Art is released his 'Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support' brooch. Not since Hiroshima, has there been a Issue brooch like 'The Peace Brooch' that took the world by storm aft…

Basketball Brooch Basketball Brooch
Silver & Gold:  A Layered, Sculpted, and Engraved piece. An Ametrine Quartz Slab is the ball falling through the hoop. The back board is layered with gold chips and has engraved texture. The basket is represented by beaded wire pendants, suspended from 2mm wire, which is formed so that the wired beads don't all hang on the same plane, to give the piece dimention. The beads are Carved quartz, Jet, Stone, Malachite and Silver. Glass of Gre…

Nouveau Quakers Buckle Brooch Nouveau Quakers Buckle Brooch
Cabachon settings were popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. This eclectic brooch is the ultimate Love token of intwined hearts. The design elements are: A Nouveau Escutcheon, a Quakers buckle and a late Victorian Cowhide reserve panel often seen as an architectureal element around the 1860-90s. …

Pansy Lapel pin Pansy Lapel pin
Made from formed discs of silver with a ball of shot at the center, liberally washed with translucent tinted enamel, through which the substrate of silver shines.  This piece is a real conversation starter.…

Sconce Lapel pin Sconce Lapel pin
This Hand Forged & Formed Sconce, carries the mysterious charm of Gothic Art Deco. A tessellated glass ball tops the fire plate with a beaded gallery surround. It has a riveted sheet that makes it appear to be firmly attached to the lapel to which it is pinned and a textured shaft which is smoothed toward the bottom where there is a knop to finish it off.…

Nouveau Tigers Eye (brooch with pendant Nouveau Tigers Eye (brooch with pendant
A 40mm cabachon in a hand formed setting with a strong Nouveau influence. Such a magnificent example of Tigers Eye is a rare thing. The two supporting stones, show that which is normal for this type.  The round cabachon clearly shows why the stone has this name.…

Escutcheon a la Catastrophe Escutcheon a la Catastrophe
This stylish piece is the classic Heraldic Escutcheon design with a Derogate Punk twist. Art a la Catastrophe; or Apocalyptic art; or just plain Punk; Call it whatever you will, it's here to stay.  The escutcheons have 3 Malachite beads sewn on with Sterling Silver wire to complete the Jewel, which suspended on a hand made Figaro chain, is designed to give that Antique look and thereforeto compliment The pendant.…

Neo Victorian Wrapped Amethyst Pendant Neo Victorian Wrapped Amethyst Pendant
This magnificant Neckpiece is modlled on one of the types worn thorough the 1860s. Super Chick Retro is all the rage.  Make no mistake about it; this piece is up to the minute. Employing all the modern techniques of contempory jewelery making, including Wire through Chenir. It has the Victorian charm given to it in the main, by a delicious Chunk of Amethyst Quartz. The black glass beads with stainless steel spacers and silver beads also help. The large bead …

Snowflake Obsidian Neckpiece Snowflake Obsidian Neckpiece
This piece has at the core of its design a 40mm Snowflake Obsidian. A bow design suspends the pendant from an articulated chain.  Obsidian is a black (deepest purple really) glass like substance spewed from a volcano. The snowflake is actually Pumice ash trapped within the glass. Obsidian knives were used by the Inca; and were one of the commodities traded with Egypt. We know this as such knives have been found in the tombs of Pharohs in Egypt, where Obsidion doesn…

Amazonite neckpiece Amazonite neckpiece
This piece has a 40mm Amazonite stone which is remenicient of Torquise. A bow design suspends the pendant, on an articulated chain. …

SteamPunk Bracelet (Domed Gallery) SteamPunk Bracelet (Domed Gallery)

Lugs Mokume Gane Drapes Lugs Mokume Gane Drapes
This is Genuine Japanese Mokume Gane, Hand formed to become Elegant drapes …

Lugs Sculpted Bird Fish Duchess Lugs Sculpted Bird Fish Duchess

Watch chain and Fob Watch chain and Fob
This traditional Victorian piece can be worn by men or women, between the pockets of a waistcoat with the toggle in a buttonhole as a safety device. The purpose of this is that your Watch should should never be allowed to slip out of your gloved hand and hit the ground. The escapement can't take that shock.  The chain sports an Albert Swivel Clasp to clip onto your Pocket Watch's ring. The Fob is the decorative element which hangs from the buttonhole.  Thi…

Lugs Tri color twist Frieze (Studs Lugs Tri color twist Frieze (Studs
These are Ear Studs. Simple yet elegant day wear.     A Layered, Tri colored twist, in a Furrowed Frieze. …

ElectroJet Copernickle Series ElectroJet Copernickle Series
This is a Unisex ring. SIZES Available: = J+,K, K, L,  M, N, N, P, Q. These are regarded as Ladies sizes. From about M upward,will fit Men. This ring is a discrete statement. Sporting real faceted Jet (not glass) electroplated with Copper-Nickle.  Antique stones were used in this series. (c 1890s) After going through Checkout, you will have to email us on to tell us which size you have selected from the sizes shown in…

Pinky Shades Series (Garnets Pinky Shades Series (Garnets
This is an art ring of with a comical twist. SIZE = K …

Pinky Shades Series (Heamatite (N Pinky Shades Series (Heamatite (N
This is an art ring of with a comical twist. SIZE = N …

Pinky Shades Series (Heamatite (M Pinky Shades Series (Heamatite (M
This is an art ring of with a comical twist. SIZE = M …

Propeller Propeller
One of THE Icons of the Steampunk art movement. Ideal also for any boating enthusiast. Prop measures 20mm…

Photo Album Locket Photo Album Locket
This Photo Album Locket is a Jorge Jenson piece that holds 6 pictures. The ball measures 20mm  Modelled on a Vicotrian design which was more ornately decorated.…

Crochet Earrings (Rainbow Black Crystal Crochet Earrings (Rainbow Black Crystal
Ear Safe Wires These Classically elegant earrings have a Crochet setting which uses Mirrored glass seed beads, creating a lacey wreath which glints in the light,  providing the perfect foil for the lustreous focal centrepiece of Rainbow Black faceted Crystals. Postage is FREE…

Lugg Punk Carnival Chandelier Lugg Punk Carnival Chandelier
This is a single Chandelier earring. A modern sculptural piece in color.  A delightful piece and a real fashion statement, with a total measurement of 62mm long (Approx 3" Free Shipping…