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Carved Art Pieces

Carved Art Pieces as the title implies, are first Carved, in any of various media, then cast in metal.

 When a carved piece is to carry a stone, it is often very hard to set. In this force must be tempered with a delicate hand.

 The entire work from start to finish is quite a long procedure.

Carved Art Pieces
Image Description Price
Baroque inspired Bangle Baroque inspired Bangle
Baroque inspired Bangle:  Hand carved. large bangle. Like all of Ray's hand made pieces this is a unique one off item. Photo shows two aspects of the piece. It's graded to fit the arm and the ratio of the grade is 67.5mm (2 3/4") on the lower edge and 70mm (2 7/8") on the upper edge.…

Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support
Beads are carved Quartz and deepest red Burmese Garnets. This beast is Plugged, Plumbed and on Dialysis. In the spirit of caring for the environment, and of course, those who share it with us. Comes an expressive piece to state Ray's position on these Myriad issues.  Into the field of Art is released his 'Dugong (Manatee) on Life Support' brooch. Not since Hiroshima, has there been a Issue brooch like 'The Peace Brooch' that took the world by storm aft…

Flower Power Constellation Neckpiece Flower Power Constellation Neckpiece
This Hand Carved piece is a 60s style pendant neckpiece. Triple pendants were not common to the genre. They were more likely to be of the Chandelier variety. This piece is remenicient of a Flower garden and also the Cosmos. These two things were interlinked in the space age that was the 60s hippie period.  Yeah, Ok; I will make Chandeliers too.... soon I promise; and perhaps even Mobiles!…

Hollywood Chain Neckpiece Hollywood Chain Neckpiece
This Hand Carved neckpiece, is a chain of the type worn by the Hollywood stars. Approx 30 inches long. It has three decorative links of different sizes which, can be worn to the left or right, the rest are plain clones. There is no clasp it simply pops over the head.  …

Goat Deity Pendant Goat Deity Pendant
This Hand carved Neckpiece is modern design, on an ancient theme of religion. Super Chick Retro is all the rage. This pendant on leather has a dog clasp and is designed to sit within a V neckilne.…

Pocochan; (a Pendant on Snake chain Pocochan; (a Pendant on Snake chain
This Neckpiece has a Macabre note based on Incan blood sacrifice rituals. Ray was profoundly affected by the Discovery of hundreds of children, murdered and mumified on top of the mountain at Pocochan.These children were chosen and sent to the mountain from across the country. Often arriving with bleeding feet, a fact which made them even more suitable as candidates for the ritual which was to follow.  These sacrifices wore a Sun Symbol a Tiara or Coronet of …

Sea Creature Neckpiece Sea Creature Neckpiece
This substantial piece is Hand Carved. The conceptual Sea Creature, is more like a ray than anything else but it has bug eyes and long feelers and is without a tail. The surface texture shows the play of light through the water, on the creatures back, which is percieved to be smooth.  It's on a hand made articulated chain and is designed to fit within a V neckline.…

Carved Art Ring (Adrian (size O Carved Art Ring (Adrian (size O
Carved ring size O. This a carved ring with no copies made. …

Carved Art Ring (Eloise (size K Carved Art Ring (Eloise (size K
Carved ring size K. This a carved ring with no copies made. …

Carved Art Ring (Skullen (size S Carved Art Ring (Skullen (size S
Carved ring size S. This a carved ring with no copies made. Photo shows 4 views of the same chunky ring. …

Heamatite Baroque (size Q Heamatite Baroque (size Q
Heamatite 16mm cabachon. Baroque inspired ring size Q. This has a carved Baroque frame setting with the inclusion of a milled half shank.…

Carved Art Ring (Alice (size M Carved Art Ring (Alice (size M
Carved ring size M. This a carved ring with no copies made. …

Carved Art Ring (Happy Bob (size W Carved Art Ring (Happy Bob (size W
Carved ring size W. This a carved ring with no copies made. …

Carved Art Ring (Limpet (size M Carved Art Ring (Limpet (size M
Carved art ring size M. The Limpet This a carved ring Modelled on a Limpet with a 8mm Carnielian cabachon. A pretty ring that sits well on the finger and it looks as though The Limpet grew there. …

Star Spangled Bangle Star Spangled Bangle
This bangle is classified as a Carved piece. But more accurately, it is a particle formed, cut out and soroccoblast technique, providing a sculptural yet organic simplicity. Simple looking things, are often more work than one might think.…