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Here are some crochet patterns you can download for FREE.

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Image Description Price
Beaded Dilly Bag Beaded Dilly Bag
This Fabby Dilly Bag is for both the Beach and Market.…

Crafter's Winter Gloves Crafter's Winter Gloves
These gloves are designed with a flat cut away  palm section, so they dont bunch up when the hand is closed. They are bulky on the back and decorated at the wrist with a cable. Make them in one color or three. This pair matches Artie's Crown and his patchwork Jumper. (In Australia we call them Jumpers, as Sweater, is such a vulgar term.) …

Frilled Orchid Frilled Orchid

Iggie & Paul's Buzz cap Iggie & Paul's Buzz cap
This thick and soft velvet cap is the ultimate in luxurious warmth.…

Kings cap Kings cap
It's a one ball wonder; only takes a 50gram ball, and a bit of scrap yarn in a contrast colour. This cute little number is so popular that all my friends are wearing them.…

Tailored Tissue Sachet Tailored Tissue Sachet
So neat !  Such clean modern lines ! Fillet tissue Sachets that don't look like they came home from Summer Camp Craft School. You may make these for Charity Sales, Ray does and as you can see, he offers them in a range of colors.…

Kitchen Sunflower Magic. Potholders Kitchen Sunflower Magic. Potholders
Kitchen Sunflower Magic Potholders. Sunflowers have such big happy faces, they remind us of warm Summers. That's why people love them. They are great in the kitchen, so are yellows and golden browns, the color of baked yummies. …

Marie of Prague Little dioly & Medallion Marie of Prague Little dioly & Medallion
A crochet enthusiast, also journalist, commented to me during a crochet discussion, after seeing this little doily in my home: "This little cutie is a Triumph, as most medallions can't stand alone as doilies in their own right. This one not only does, but it can also make a larger Teatime doily or anything else for that matter. It's nothing short of brilliant sweetie." "Well thankyou darling; and of course, as usual,…

Coasters & Beer Mats Coasters & Beer Mats

Specs Pouch (Revised Specs Pouch (Revised
This is the 2013 Revised and improved Pattern. If yours is dated 2011 then replace it with this file. Improvements include: A more pronounced Cable. Line it, leaving the cable prominent, or Felt it if you want to, the cable won't dissappear completely Two sizes given. One for Granny glasses and one for your Sunnies and Everyday specs More text added to provide Greater clarity.              …

Easter party favors; Birds nest Easter party favors; Birds nest
When the chocolates are gone and that doesn't take long, this cute little bird nest bowl, is for holding small things on the duchess dresser or bedside table.  Perfect for trinkets, lipstick, geegaws and such.…

Little Flowers on Stems Little Flowers on Stems
Beautiful little flowers on florist or flower craft wire stems, for the dolls house, to decorate a hat or use them as a brooch or lapel pin. This pattern is FREE…