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Copyright issue?

If you have found a copyright issue, please let us know.

Reasonable people can discuss whether the offending item will be taken down

 or negotiations should be entered into.

There is however, in Australia, a point of law which will stand up in court. That is the expectation that one can not be taken to task over a line or two of text which will not affect your sales in any way whatsoever, as the item being produced, is recognised as significantly different, from that which you are selling. Also that in Fashion, a technique or style can't be copyrighted.

 This is based on the premise that there is no direct competition; incurring on another person, a finacial loss.

Where there is in existance a stitch pattern, that Ray likes enough to use in one of his designs, he will give a credit to the original designer or publisher, citing the book it came from, so that people can purchase that book if they wish.